Studying Prescription Misuse Across the Lifespan

Welcome to the Schepis Lab in the Department of Psychology at Texas State University!

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We study primarily prescription misuse from both psychological and public health perspectives.  We use/have used stress induction paradigms, ecological momentary assessment and computerized lab measures, along with analyses of large, national and publicly available datasets.

Currently, Dr. Schepis is the Principal Investigator for three National Institutes of Health awarded grants, R01 DA042146 (Prescription misuse in older adult), R01 DA043691 (Prescription misuse differences in adolescents and young adults by educational status/attainment), and R03 DA041584 (Stimulant misuse in college students)

In past work, Dr. Schepis and colleagues have looked at nicotine use (both tobacco use and vaping) and cannabis/marijuana use.

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